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krissyoga was created out of the need and want for more yoga, more time together with like-minded people and to have a spiritual/healing retreat get-away in the more natural and beautiful Aiken County.  



Yoga entered into my life when I least understood, trusted, liked, embraced, wanted or respected myself. Nothing made sense and everything around me was wrong, so I thought. As always the thing you are the most resistant to is typically that in which you need the most, and for myself it was change.


Yoga gave me a healthy change and for the first time in my life a dedicated practice that is self-serving and enriching. Something I could experience physically and overtime mentally, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. Through my yoga journey I realized there was nothing external in my environment that needed to change, it was simply the lens in which I was looking through or the mindset I was using to decipher the world around me.


Pranakriya Yoga School Healing Arts has taught me to be connected to true self, to choose to show up different in the world, to be comfortable expressing who I am, to love and be loved, to forgive, to release the stories, to slow down and trust the process without necessarily understanding it, and most importantly to see the the entire universe and everything within it as one - one thing, one being, one wholeness. My path is through yoga, what is yours?   


Krissy Dopson Simon

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526 Legion Road,

Warrenville, SC 29851


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