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Q: What is Aura or BIOfield?

A: Our aura or bio-field, 'energy body', is a subtle electromagneti   c/light layer that surrounds our body or permeates through it. Every living organism has an aura. The aura is multi-layered and multi-functional. One of the functions of the aura is literally to 'bring to life' and feed or energize the physical body. The human electromagnetic field also performs a defense function. Our Earth also has several auric layers; a glowing hot core, the crust, the atmospheric layer and the electromagnetic layer.


Q: What is BioEnergy Healing?

A: BioEnergy Healing is a cleaning of the energy field in which BioEnergy boosts the immune system, spreading information of wellness to all cells, and enables the body to heal itself. Every cell in your body has the picture of the healthy body. Every cell holds the information of the entire system. A single cell could reproduce the entire body under the perfect circumstances. All that a bio-therapist has to do is restore the original environment. In essence, it is not the bio-therapist who heals. The bio-therapist just fixes your energy field. It is your body that heals itself.



Q: What does BioEnergy help?

A: Everything.

  • BioEnergy helps with all health conditions – from simple to serious, chronic to acute.

  • No health problems, it can still help! Keep your body functioning at its optimum. Keeping the immune system in good working order is the only way to prevent illness and ensure your body stays healthy energetically, physically, and emotionally. Energy imbalances first appear in the bio-field (energy body) and can later develop as a health problem in the physical body.

  • Achieve peak performance. BioEnergy healing helps to quicken injury recovery and used as muscle management before and after competition/sports/training. Through increased blood circulation, which supplies muscles with nutrients and oxygen, the method dramatically improves muscle mobility and helps prevent muscle strains and sprains. The increased blood flow also contributes to lubrication of the joints, tendons and ligaments making them more flexible and resilient.

  • Increase mental focus and concentration along with calming fears, doubt and anxiety in all physical and mental activity.


Q: Who can benefit from BioEnergy?

A: EveryBODY. Every living thing with an immune system. Humans, animals, plants... bring it here. If it is too big or too sick ask for a visit. We can come to you for certain circumstances. If a visit is not possible Long Distance Healing is. Distance is a privilege of a restricted mind. In the dimension from which we are affecting people, distance does not exist.


Q: Has scientific research been done on BioEnergy Healing?

A: Yes, BioEnergy healing was scientifically validated in 1985 and continues through present. The Ministry of Health of the Former Yugoslavia requested the treatment of 200 people with advanced gangrene (gangrena humida). Successfully the patients were cured of gangrene and no extremities were amputated. “Healer Domancic” by D. Jakcin documents the medical evaluation that lasted for almost half a year. Research studies during the 1980s resulting in high effectiveness led to even greater movements in 2007. BioEnergy was used for cancer cell research at the Institute of Oncology in Ljubljana, Solvenia, with remarkable results. During the research, observation was made of in vitro aggressive cancer cells being destroyed without affecting healthy cells after a few minutes of BioEnergetic treatment. For further information please visit


Q: Who are the Bio-therapist?

A: Rebecca Goldberg, Cate Dopson and Krissy Dopson are your bio-therapist.  Click HERE to learn more about your therapist.


Q: How does the session work?

A: Contact Krissy at to set up an appointment. One appointment consist of 4 days – same time and same location. The appointment starts on a Tuesday and proceeds through Friday.  All 4 days must be completed. If you cannot commit to all 4 please pick another week and/or time.


"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly."




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