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Krissy can be found at the following locations weekly.  Please contact the location venue for additional information.  Thank you for supporting our local yoga community.


- Time: 12:10pm - 12:50pm

- Class Style: Gentle Yoga 

- Location: USC- Aiken Wellness Center

- Address: 471 University Pkwy, Aiken, SC 29801

- Phone: (803) 648-6851

- Call the Wellness Center for additional information


- Time: 9am - 10am

- Class Style: Chair Yoga 

- Location: Lessie B. Price Aiken Senior & Youth Center 

- Address: 841 Edgefield Ave NW, Aiken, SC 29801

- Phone: (803) 643-2181

- Call the Aiken Center for additional information



- Time: 8:15am - 9:15am

- Class Style: Balance and Chair Yoga 

- Location: USC- Aiken Wellness Center

- Address: 471 University Pkwy, Aiken, SC 29801

- Phone: (803) 648-6851

- Call the Wellness Center for additional information

- Time: 10am - 11:30am (every other Thursday)

- Class Style: Gentle Yoga 

- Location: The Yoga Center

- Address: 501 West Ave, North Augusta, SC 29841

- Phone: (803) 613-0684

- Call the Studio for additional information

- Time: 12pm - 1pm

- Class Style: Gentle Yoga for EveryBody - the perfect beginner class 

- Location: North Augusta Parks & Recreation Center

- Address: 100 Riverview Park Dr, North Augusta, SC 29841

- Phone: (803) 441-4300

- Call the Center for additional information

- Time: 5pm - 6pm

- Class Style: Deep Yoga Stretch - the perfect beginner to advanced class 

- Location: CrossFit Aiken

- Address: 14 Enterprise Ave, Aiken SC 29803

- Phone: (803) 646-7548

- Call the Gym for additional information


- Time: 10am - 11:15am

- Class Style: Restorative Stretch

- Location: Aiken Yoga

- Address: 116 Pendleton St SW B, Aiken, SC 29801

- Phone: (803) 514-8833

- Call the Studio for additional information


Help Support our Yoga Community


Program Director

In 2016 Krissy became a Director for Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts certifying teachers around the globe. She directs 4 different programs in Deepening the Asana Experience: Yoga Workout 1 (YW1), Yoga Workout 2 (YW2), Meditative Posture 1 (MP1) and Meditative Posture 2 (MP2):

 - WK1 (Postures: Balancing Half Moon, Balancing Stick, Bent Leg Tree, Crow/Side Crow, Eagle, Headstand, Lateral Inclined Angle, Straight Leg Runner’s Stretch/Sky Gazer, Toe Stand, Upward Facing Dog)
 - WK2 (Postures: Dance/Bow Pulling, Flamingo, Folded Tree, Forward Split, Lateral Angle/Rotated Lateral Angle, Rotated Balancing Half Moon, Rotated Triangle, Standing Angle, Standing Head to Toe, Standing Split)
- MP1 (Postures: Camel, Gate/Half Circle, Head to Knee variations, Lotus/Bound Lotus, Pigeon Variations, Rabbit, Reclining Diamond, Seated Angle/Tortoise, Simple Twist, Wheel)
-MP2 (Postures: Angled Shoulderstand, Balancing Posterior Stretch, Bow/Bow variations, Fish variations, Inclined Plane, Locust, Seated Twist variations, Peacock, Side Boat, Up Boat)

In 2018 Krissy was asked by the Pranakriya Board of Directors to create a program for the school's 300 hour program.  She has passionately created Pranakriya Vinyasa - Safe Sequencing:  

As teachers we strive to meet our students where they are, yet taking them back to where they crave to be – the inner peace that unites each one of us.  Vinyasa, done safely, can be that, and serves as a metaphor for our own life as we move from one experience to another. Just as life is in constant flux, as is the art of vinyasa, forever changing and never the same.  You will learn to: (1) Understand the sacred steps of Vinyasa by skillfully navigating a posture led by breath through space and time; (2) Develop the intuition to safely craft the in-between places of vinyasa, known as the transitions; (3) Sequence a flow that meets the needs and intentions of your students by understanding the biomechanics and energetic requirements of the asana ‘families’ and best placement for each asana; (4) Find language that creates and stimulates awareness on the mat to help in tangle ways off the mat; and (5) Plan a class that allows students to progress steadily and simply from one place to another.  


Swami Kripalu says “It is worth remembering that there is one yoga and can only be one yoga.  True, aspirants are of different natures and resort to various doctrines and practices to progress along the path.  But one who completes the process of yoga understands its different paths and sees that the systematic practice of various disciplines leads to the same place.  In the end, all yogas lead to one great Yoga.” So why not have fun playing and crafting a sequence from your heart, delivered to your students confidently from your experience with love – ultimately taking them back to where they crave to be?  Pranakriya Vinyasa – Learn to Safely Craft a Sequence.

Please visit Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts for more information on taking programs, yoga certifications, in depth study of the yoga tradition, continuing education needs and becoming a host studio of Pranakriya programs.

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