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"Krissy's yoga has helped me find balance in my life. Her calming energy inspires me to practice yoga regularly and reminds me of the infinite realms of the human mind and body. After taking her yoga class at a young age I now have become a yoga teacher as she has also inspired me to go beyond being a student. She has an amazing understand of the human anatomy and a great heart that can soothe any lost soul. She teaches me to find a healthy balance between my mind body and spirit. Her yoga brings peace of mind and a center of the soul." - Ellie Bostwick



"Yoga with Krissy has toned my body in a way nothing else has. I am more flexible and it feels great to stand up straight." 

- Cindy Shealy



"Starting CrossFit changed my life. I quickly found my passion for health and fitness. Along the way though I started noticing some aches and pains, some things that didn't feel right. Feeling tight and sore became an everyday occurrence and it was not fun. I was stumped with the question, "Should I continue doing what I love and keep beating my body down, or should I stop in order to feel healthy again?" After hearing some yoga testimonials I began thinking about it. I heard it to be "life changing." Out of pure disbelief, I eventually had to see for myself. To my surprise, many of the yoga stereotypes were proven incorrect. It wasn't weird, uncomfortable, awkward, or anything like that. It was 100% about improving your health no matter what point you were starting at. There were some people not even able to touch their toes, while there were others in full splits. Even though there was such a divide in skill abilities, everybody was there only to better themselves and help others if necessary. After starting to go regularly, I became hooked on feeling of flexibility and complete relaxation. I was able to do what I loved and also feel whole and healthy at the same time. The hard classes gave me the workout I craved and the gentle classes gave me the relaxation I needed. Without yoga, I probably wouldn't have been able to continue CrossFit. My flexibility and strength is what protects from injury and allows me to live my life worry free. I am happy I found it and would now recommend it to anybody and everybody. Namaste!" - Emily Colster



"Krissy is a phenomenal yoga instructor, very qualified, knows so much about the body and is really good about helping you meet your full potential! Plus she's a lot of fun with a great personality! Her hands on assist are incredible!!!"

 - Kimberly Peters



"The first time I ever did yoga was with Krissy Dopson at a hot yoga class. I didn't know what to expect since it was my first time and I didn't know how awesome and amazing it would be. During the class I sweated and I put all of my energy into it. And after the yoga class I felt something that I've never felt before in my whole life. The only way I can explain it is that it was this over all peace between my mind and body. I've never felt so secure in myself, I've never felt so strong, and I've never felt so peaceful. The way Krissy teaches her classes makes for very real experience. I never felt judged in her classes and I never felt uncomfortable. During and after Krissy's classes all of the stress of life was gone and my anxiety and worries we're gone."- Savannah Berry



"My yoga experience has been taken to the next level. With Krissy it's never; just a stretch, just a posture, or just breathing... It's life. With Krissy's guidance I have taken my yoga practice from the mat into daily life; no regrets, no expectations, and no judgements..." - Rick Boland 



"Krissy and her yoga with hands on assist is amazing... in this stressful world and trying to remain sane I look forward to anytime I spend with her.  She replinishes the soul and renews ones spirit ox" - Nancy Walker



"Krissy is by far the best around. Great instructor, really enjoyed my experience, even with beginners very patient, but very easy to follow. Love Yoga with Krissy." - Scott Dungannon




"Krissy is an outstanding mentor, terrific yoga instructor and helpful in so many awesome ways. Her positive vibes and kind spirit are what make her practices amazing. I look forward to continuing to work with her and experiencing more hands on assist. If you haven't tried yoga or even if you have been doing it for years, this is a great place to learn and grow."

- Craig Zdaniewicz



"I just wanted to take a brief moment to express my gratitude for the yoga classes with Krissy.  I am schizophrenic and my chemical imbalance creates feelings like people living through you as in being in your body and feeling their presence. I was experiencing feeling my kids on my hands and when thinking of people it would cause pain in my body. Alot of confusion and distorted thoughts. I have learned how thoughts were coming from the heart, brain, or outside through connection of breathing and focusing on being present in the body, it gave me the opportunity to do something on my own. I feel I can take any issues or feelings and go to yoga class and process them in a positive way and feel enriched and uplifted after words. It has given me hope in dealing with my illness." - Carol Corbin



"Yoga has awakened me in so many ways. The past two years I was focused on surviving as a result of a great deal of personal loss.  Since I have found yoga I feel like I am ALIVE again.  I say I found yoga but I feel like it found me…. at the right moment.  I have been practicing yoga for about 3 months and it has taken me on such an amazing journey physically and emotionally.  When I started my practice I was considered morbidly obese but my newfound yoga instructor, Krissy Dopson, gave me very encouraging words… “ Every “body” can do Yoga. “  It’s about finding what is right for your body.  Since starting my practice I have lost 34 pounds and I feel great!  It has been a combination of yoga practice as well as mindful eating.   I focus on the foods that will give me energy, strength and heal my body. Yoga has not only helped me lose weight, I have gained strength and been able to hold postures that I could have never imagined my body doing.  My flexibility has improved dramatically.  I have gained 7 inches in my sit and reach test.  These are all of the measurable things that Yoga has done for me. The immeasurable: The Calm I have inside of me now as a result of my yoga practice is the spiritual connection I needed to put it all together.  Being one with my breath that God has given me to continue my journey of life.   I feel free and able to do anything.  My friends and family have noticed a change in me and they want some of what I have.   I hope my journey will continue to inspire others as the Yoga Practice has inspired and awakened me.  Thank you Krissy!"

- Susan Bratcher, Registered Nurse



"I have been attending yoga classes with Krissy for a few years now, and I owe a significant amount of gratitude and thanks to her for what she has done for me. Through her I learned how to listen to my body and respect what it needs.  I learned how important flexibility is to maintain a healthy body.  I learned how yoga not only helps improve and maintain that flexibility, but also relaxes and quiets your mind. And I learned that I am capable of much more than I ever thought I was.  She is an incredible teacher who truly cares for those she works with, and I am a better person today because of her." - Brent Eno



"Krissy is one of a kind; spreading passion and knowledge both in and out of the yoga studio. Her contagious spirit for exploration taught me to value my own yoga practice and push boundaries both physically and mentally. Practicing yoga with Krissy is far beyond movement on the mat— it is an opportunity to find inner strength and mental peace, to challenge and explore, and to find an appreciation and love for all that you’re worth." - Amy Fryt



"I am so happy I was introduced to yoga. I have heard people talk about it but I never thought it was for me. You only see females in the yoga ads and commercials so I didn't dare venture into it until I suffered a blood clot in my legs and lungs and high blood pressure. Yoga has been a wonderful help to me. I am now taking only one medicine for high blood pressure and my doctor has taken me off of the blood thinners. I am happier now than I've been in a few months and I have more energy. Yoga has so many different styles and I'm trying all of them. The hot stretch flow is probably my favorite. Krissy has been an inspiration to me and help me grow in my practice. I look forward to yoga." - Ben Carr Jr.


"My first yoga class was with Krissy.   I must admit I was a little nervous that I would not be able to keep up with the class or know the poses.  She welcomed me, guided me through the poses, and instructed me to do what my body felt comfortable doing.  After my first class I was hooked and found myself waiting during the week for the next class.  Over the years my flexibility, strength and balance have greatly improved.  Her compassion and supportativeness has made my yoga practice a life changing experinece for body and mind.  Krissy creates an inviting and encourageing environement for people to come and practice yoga!!!"   - Beth Cox 


"Krissy Dopson has facilitated growth on and off the mat for me since beginning a practice with her in 2014. Her ability to teach in a sense that is comfortable and empowering is something that initially drew me in and kept me coming back. I always leave Krissyyoga feeling confident, open, centered, and grounded." - Taylor Watts


"Krissy's classes are all about compassion and joy. Her guidance has helped me learn to appreciate my body and to value my own strength. I always leave Krissy's classes feeling awesome and connected to our amazing world." - Elizabeth Webb


"I am not new to Yoga. I relocated to Aiken from Philadelphia where I regularly practiced, or so I thought until I met Krissy! You see what makes Krissy so special, is her personal touch in your individual practice. Krissy connects personally with her students taking your body places it never thought it could go, with her ever so gentle voice of encouragement! On the mat, with Krissy’s instruction, I feel I can do anything, that same feeling transcends off the mat as well. But there is more, she makes herself available to talk about you and your specific concerns physically and emotionally. She is full of knowledge about the body and how it’s connection to your thoughts. A brief conversation with Krissy can ease your mind about anything. Krissy peaceful, confident, positive, calming, and loving disposition is contagious, and I’m glad I caught it!"-Octavia L


"I met Krissy several years ago when I was looking for private yoga instruction.  She has helped develop my practice in a way no one else ever could. When she walks into the room she brings an incredible energy and enthusiasm that motivates me to do my best, every single time.  Krissy never tires of learning, she's constantly finding new approaches, developing new techniques, so working out with her is never repetitive, never boring.  Always challenging!  Krissy is more than just a yoga teacher, she’s a compassionate, caring soul and just an inspiration to anyone who meets her. I am so thankful she is in my life.  Love you Krissy, you’re the best!" -Courtney Yarborough

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